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Enjoy all the benefits of an SMSF and leave the management to our experts. 

Ballast Superannuation Management has been specialising in superannuation since 1996 and has since established itself as experts in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs). 

Our experienced team of administrators can provide you with comprehensive superannuation administration and compliance services to ease the process of running a SMSF and help you achieve your retirement goals. 

What is a Self-Managed

Superannuation Fund?

A self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) is a fund that is controlled by its members, not by fund managers or outside parties. It establishes the member in full control of the fund and its investments, through membership and being a trustee or instigating a corporate trustee. SMSFs also provide more flexibility for retirement planning, estate planning and insurance strategies.

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Benefits of an SMSF

SMSFs have a number of benefits compared to traditional superannuation funds, some of which are: 

Transfer of Assets - Within certain limitations, it is possible to transfer existing assets directly into a fund and in some cases claim a tax deduction for them.

Tax Planning - As some contributions are tax deductible, the fund is a vehicle for creating tax deductions. A superannuation fund also protects future potentially high returning assets from tax because the maximum tax rate in the fund is 15%.

Non-compulsory withdrawal - If a member is over 65 & wishes to keep working, exisiting funds can be retained in the fund until retirement. Some funds insist that rollovers must be taken out at 65.

Convert to a Private Pension Fund - This allows assets with capital gains to be transferred into an allocated pension account and then sold without incurring any capital gains tax. This is because the tax rate in an allocated pension account is 0%.

Maintain multiple members - A self-managed exempt fund can have up to six members. Some of these could be receiving a pension and other younger members could be still accumulating benefits by contributions. This allows assets to be moved from account to account to obtain the best tax treatment.


What can Ballast Superannuation Management do for you?


SMSFs can be onerous with all the administration and compliance duties that must be conducted, as well as keeping up-to-date with ever changing legislation.

We can assist you with: 

  • Establishing a new SMSF

  • Managing & administrating a new or existing SMSF

  • Organsing the appropriate legal documents

  • Preparing the investment strategy for the fund

  • Investment recommendations and implementation

  • Monitoring investments & providing regular half yearly reports

  • Arranging any insurances required

  • Preparing annual member performance reports

As a Ballast SMSF client, you will be provided with superior online portfolio reports where you will be able to access details including cash-flow and portfolio capital growth components, as well as overnight balances on your investments. 

Our task is to work with you to ensure your fund supports you in meeting your desired lifestyle and provides you with a sense of financial security throughout your retirement.

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