Wayne Blazejczyk


Wayne Blazejczyk is the owner, and shareholder of multiple corporate entities, with decades of relevant experience in numerous administrative positions.


Prior to acting as an owner and shareholder, Blazejczyk was a financial planner and insurance agent. Wayne Blazejczyk went on to become the Director of Australian Finance Group, the largest finance brokerage in Australia. Directing at Australian Finance Group inspired him to expand, and he soon became the CEO of One Stop Corporation Pty Ltd. One Stop Corporation provided crucial consulting and logistical assistance for multiple industries including real estate, finance, accounting, life and general insurance brokerages, and financial planning.  There, he was full charge of the company and facilitated expansion, acquisition, training, and development for the team. This was a formative experience for Wayne Blazejczyk, as it allowed him to hone his craft providing innovative solutions to clients tailored to their specific needs.


After One Stop, Wayne Blazejczyk began to hone his craft as both as an administrator and owner. Blazejczyk became an owner and shareholder of Ballast Finance Pty Ltd, Ballast Financial Management Pty Ltd, Ballast Superannuation Management Pty Ltd, Ballast Accountants Pty Ltd, and Ballast Financial Planning Pty Ltd, and continued to hold the position until the businesses were sold. During this time, Wayne Blazejczyk acted as the Managing Director for both Ballast Strategic Alliances Pty Ltd and Ballast Property Pty Ltd. When Wayne Blazejczyk owned these companies, he was always well-known for his dedication to facilitating growth within his companies by providing his team with the tools necessary for continued success. Improving the existing logistical systems of clients was a passion that Wayne Blazejczyk held from the very beginnings of his career.


Currently, Wayne Blazejczyk is an owner and shareholder of Ballast Lending Central Pty Ltd., Nona Mills Pty Ltd., and Ballast Corporation Pty Ltd. In these roles, Wayne Blazejczyk has developed a reputation for his training and development skills and ability to determine and act according to businesses’ strengths. He has always been the type of employer that leads by example and has a penchant for setting infrastructure into motion that allows for the quick and effective training of employees. As a manager, Blazejczyk empowers his employees to work to the best of their ability and establish a foundation that allows them to work in ways that fit their skillsets and expertise. Recently, Wayne Blazejczyk has positioned himself as a resource for COVID-19 protocols as they pertain to workplace safety and maintaining infrastructure that sets employees up for success despite the changes the virus has spurred.


Wayne Blazejczyk, is also  known for his passion for hockey. Blazejczyk is a life member of Fremantle Hockey Club and has played for teams such ACT Senior Indoor Team, WA Senior Men’s Indoor Hockey Team, and numerous clubs, state, and national teams throughout his career. Blazejczyk has an extensive history of coaching hockey as well, and he is currently the coach of Letchworth Women’s Hockey Club in the UK. It is Wayne Blazejczyk’s belief that the skills instilled in the sport pair well with his other endeavors. Notably he believes communication, honing one’s skills, working hard, and determining viable strategies are indispensable methods of reaching success, whether it be on the pitch or within the infrastructure of a business.

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