Why Choose Ballast?

Ballast has positioned itself as a financial services provider of choice with a “boutique” approach to the quality of the care and services it provides and enough size to provide the industry “clout” to ensure that it has an audible voice in the constantly evolving financial services industry.

Ballast isn’t striving to be the biggest, just the best. Ballast is achieving this by offering a package of services and tools to support business partners to build profitable and more robust businesses.

Ballast is a specialist in integrating financial services. Your business, your way.


Your Brand, Our Brand

Ballast offers its business partners the flexibility to operate as either a retail partner using the Ballast name, or as a wholesale partner trading under an alternative business name.

You can also choose to work from one of Ballast’s offices, work from your home or from your own retail office. Whatever you choose, Ballast has the experience to assist you in your endeavours.


Fee structure

Ballast has a number of flexible fee structures available to choose from when joining its network. The Ballast team will work with you to determine which fee structure will suit your business objectives and work to your benefit.

Ballast is committed to building strong, long term relationships with its business partners and understands that a fee structure which may suit your business today, may not suit it in five years time.

Ballast regularly reviews the existing fee structure as part of its commitment to developing and supporting businesses.


Superior Business Development Support

As a Ballast business partner, you will have a dedicated business building manager who will take the time to understand your business and the goals you have for the future. He or she will then assist you to build a business plan to help you achieve your goals and work with you to implement this plan.

Ballast knows that if it can help grow your business, this will ultimately help to grow Ballast.  Therefore, the team at Ballast devotes its time to investing in its existing business partners and providing you the highest level of service, rather than searching for new business partners.



Ballast understands that much of the company’s success is due to the motivation, professionalism and care shown by its business partners.

Ballast’s ongoing commitment to professionalism has resulted in the achievement of exemplary standards of representative accreditation. Continuous training and development is supported and ensures a higher calibre of degree qualified personnel.