Integrated Financial Services Model

Ballast provides you with genuine access to additional revenue streams through our Strategic Alliances program (referrals to you) and Ballast referral network (referrals by you).

Referrals To You

Ballast has developed a strategic alliance network to help generate leads for your business. The team understands that business development and marketing is often one of the biggest challenges faced by its business partners. To make it easier Ballast is helping to bring the business to you.

>> How It Works

Ballast has a carefully selected network of Strategic Alliance members who are fully briefed regarding Ballast services. These referral partners access a web portal called “CustomerConnect” which allows them to refer their clients directly through to a Ballast service provider.

For example, Ballast has set up a number of strategic alliances with real estate groups who are looking at leveraging their client base to diversify their income. This includes buyers requiring risk insurance and landlords for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.

By logging into Ballast’s CustomerConnect the referrer receives the ability to track all leads and receive feedback on the progress of each lead. Because of CustomerConnect’s built in work flow processes, the referrer can ensure their client receives a seamless customer experience.

The Strategic Alliances team distributes leads based on individual requirements to the Ballast network via CustomerConnect. The system has been designed to ensure that the sales person receives a steady stream of leads. Strategic Alliance referrals are available to all Ballast business partners.

Referrals By You

As a Ballast business partner there is access to a network of additional financial products to offer your clients. This service will not only make a business appear larger, but also gives the opportunity for additional revenue streams and further service your clients “in-house”.

>> How It Works

Say you are a broker and have a client who is looking for a competitive home loan. Over the course of the conversation with your client, you establish that this loan is for an investment property as part of a retirement plan.

From this additional information you can refer your client to a number of different Ballast services and boost your income along the way.

Firstly, ask the client if they have a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF). If not, refer them to Ballast Superannuation where they will learn about the benefits and freedom a SMSF can offer.

Secondly, question if they have already decided on the investment property they want to buy. If not, refer them to Ballast Property for access to exclusive Australian property listings.

Finally, is your client sure it is the right time for them, from a tax perspective, to purchase an investment property? To check, refer them to Ballast Accounting.

From one conversation you have several potential referral commissions to boost your bottom line.

This referral scheme is available to all of Ballast’s business partners to utilise.

Ballast Strategic Alliances Pty Ltd – ABN : 56 160 843 710

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