Ballast, established in 1996, is an Australian owned and operated national financial services organisation, with offices across Australia. Ballast is dedicated to providing advisers, brokers, accountants and their clients with an integrated range of wealth management services. The company takes pride in the quality of the products and services offered and of the total professionalism and ethical behaviour offered by its business partners.

Ballast’s services are provided to satisfy a global answer to most financial and investment questions. Ballast has all the relevant licences, proven business structure and expertise to assist you build and grow your own financial services business.



Why Integrate?

We believe there is a massive opportunity to establish a financial services business which leverages and protects the client base of your network and significantly differentiates your business, adding additional income and mitigating risk.

Our theory is that as a professional within the financial services industry it’s best to stick to what you know and to specialise in your chosen field, but to also diversify and integrate your service offering through a referral network.


Ballast’s Industry Reputation

Ballast cemented its place in the Australian Financial Services industry by winning the coveted award, “Boutique Aggregator of the Year” in 2011 and 2013. Ballast has also been a finalist at the MFAA Excellence Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Ballast has ambitious plans for further growth, and knows that the way it is going to achieve this goal is by creating strong and maturing relationships with you, our business partners.


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