Financial Services Guide (FSG)

9 August 2019 v7.0

This is the Financial Services Guide of Ballast Financial Management Pty Ltd ACN 086 601 041 (Ballast) Australian Financial Services Licence number 233180.

This Financial Services Guide provides you with important information about Ballast Financial Management Pty Ltd and its authorised representatives.

Those representatives will provide you with the financial services described in this document.

This guide contains the following:

  • Financial Services Guide; and
  • Our dispute resolution procedures.

Ballast Financial Management Pty Ltd Australian Financial Services License 233180.

This document should be read in conjunction with an Advice Provider Profile which will be delivered by a Ballast Advice Provider.

About this guide

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is designed to assist you in deciding whether to use the services we offer. It can help answer any questions about:

  • Who we are and our contact details;
  • The services we provide;
  • Details of our associations and relationships;
  • How we and your advice provider are remunerated for the services offered; and
  • How we resolve complaints.

This FSG has been authorised for distribution by Ballast Financial Management who is the holder of Australian Financial Services License number 233180. Ballast Financial Management’s contact details at the end of this Guide.

Who provides the financial services described in this FSG?

The financial services described in this FSG are provided by your Advice Provider as an authorised representatives of Ballast Financial Management.

Ballast Financial Management is responsible for the financial services offered in this FSG.

In relation to the financial services offered in this FSG, Ballast Financial Management does not act on behalf of any other person.

The services we offer

Depending on your Advice Provider’s authorisations, we can provide general and personal advise and deal in the following financial products:

  • Deposit and payment products;
  • Shares, stocks and bonds;
  • Managed investment schemes;
  • Superannuation, including SMSFs;
  • Investor directed portfolio services;
  • Government debentures, stocks and bonds;
  • Retirement savings accounts;
  • Margin Lending;
  • Life risk and investment products

Some of our advisers are authorised to provide general advice, only, in:

  • Derivatives, limited to old law securities option contracts and warrants

Your Adviser may only be authorised to provide advice (or dealing) in some of the above areas. Please refer to their Adviser Profile which sets out those area your Adviser is authorised to provide you with advice and recommendations. Note: only products approved by Ballast Financial Management may be recommended by your Adviser.

Documents you may receive

Before you invest in a financial product you will receive a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or other disclosure document issued by the product provider. A PDS will contain information about the product, including risks, benefits, features and fees payable in respect of the product. A PDS is designed to help you make an informed decision about whether to invest.

If you receive personal financial advice from us you will be given a Statement of Advice (SoA). Personal financial advice is advice that will take into account your financial objectives, financial situation and financial needs. The SoA will contain the advice, the basis on which the advice is given, and other relevant information about fees and commissions.

If further advice is provided and your circumstances have not changed significantly, the further advice may be in the form of a Record of Advice (RoA). If this is the case, if you have not already been provided with an RoA, you may request a copy of the RoA from us by contacting us (on any of the contact details set out in this Guide) for a period of seven years from when the further advice was first provided to you.

How to instruct us

We will work with you to complete a ‘Financial Needs Analysis’ which summarises your financial position. We will then complete a SoA which we will ask you to sign in agreement with the strategies and activities to be provided

Advice Preparation Fees

We believe in a simple and transparent fee structure. The fees you pay to Ballast Financial Management will be determined by the service you select, the complexity of the advice and specific products you purchase.

There may be a fee for the preparation of your SoA. Fees may vary according to the complexity and scope of advice provided. Your Advice Provider will disclose the exact fee to you prior to the preparation process.

Ongoing Advice/Service Fees

We may also charge an ongoing service fee for all personal investment advice given. The cost will depend on the review agreement between you and your Advice Provider and the total funds invested. This fee and the payment options will be disclosed in the SoA provided to you, and certainly before any work is undertaken.

Life Insurance

An ongoing commission may be received by Ballast Financial Management and your Advice Provider for life insurance policies. These fees are based on commission rates which are currently between 10% – 130% of the initial premium paid. This amount is paid by the insurance company and is not an additional cost to you.

Ballast Financial Management also receives ongoing commissions calculated as a percentage of the annual premium paid. This amount is also paid by the insurance company and is not an additional cost to you. Depending on the insurance company, the commission rate is up to 30% of the ongoing premium. Details of any commissions received by us will be set out in the SoA provided.

Managed funds

Ballast Financial Management does not accept upfront commissions from managed fund investments for managed funds, other than for existing or arrangements which are permitted by law.

Referral Fees & Other Remuneration

Ballast Financial Management and your Advice Provider may pay a referral fee for third party referrals. Ballast Financial Management and your Advice Provider may also receive a benefit for referring you to other specialist services. This fee will be disclosed in the advice document given to you.

Ballast Financial Management and your Advice Provider may also receive other benefits from product providers, such as hospitality, sponsorship to attend conferences and training within regulatory guidelines.

Fees for Other Services

From time to time you may require other services from us. We may charge you on an hourly rate for these services. With respect to brokerage for ASX and international share transactions, you will be charged for the actual cost of share trading transactions. You may also be charged an additional Advice Provider fee. The charge will depend on the broker used. We will disclose to you the exact costs before executing the trades.

Interests, Associations and Relationships

Ballast Financial Management Pty Ltd ACN 086 601 041, AFSL 233 180  is part of the Ballast Group of companies. All companies within the Ballast group have common ownership arrangements through Ballast Holdings Pty Ltd.

The NWQ Fiduciary Fund is a managed investment scheme. One Vue RE Services Limited AFSL 223271 ABN 94 101 103 011 (the ‘Responsible Entity’) is the responsible entity of the NWQ Fiduciary Fund and is the issuer of the NWQ Fiduciary Fund Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). The Responsible Entity has appointed NWQ Capital Management Pty Ltd ACN 114 108 879 AFSL 318 835 (NWQ Capital Management) as investment manager of the NWQ Fiduciary Fund.

Ballast Holdings Pty Ltd is a minority shareholder of NWQ Capital Management Pty Ltd.

OneVue RE Services Ltd ABN 94 101 103 011, AFSL 223271 (the “Responsible Entity”) is the responsible entity of the Bateau Asset Management funds and is the issuer of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). The Responsible Entity has appointed Bateau Asset Management Pty Ltd ABN 14 161 051 243 Authorised Representative number 1239906 (“BAM”) as investment manager of the Fund. BAM is an authorised representative of Ballast Financial Management Pty Ltd ABN 41 086 601 041, AFSL 233180.

Ballast Holdings Pty Ltd is a major shareholder of BAM.

How is my Financial Advice Provider remunerated?

All of our authorised representatives are remunerated by way of fee for service, commission or a combination of the two. The remuneration is not linked to the provision of advice in any areas, nor is it linked to recommendations related to specific financial products.

Compensation Arrangements

Ballast Financial Management has professional indemnity insurance which covers our products and services and meets the requirements for compensation arrangements under s912B of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Our Dispute Resolution Procedures

Internal Dispute Resolution

If you are unhappy with our services, please contact us first by contacting our Complaints Manager by:

Ballast Head Office (Complaints Manager)

Telephone 08 9417 4727
Fax 08 9417 5580
Post PO Box 5143, South Lake WA 6964

We will try to deal with your complaint within 45 days. If you want more information about our internal dispute resolution procedure, please contact us.

If you are unhappy with any decision or the handling of the complaint by us, you can refer your complaint to one of our external dispute resolution providers below. External dispute resolution is a free service established to provide you with an independent mechanism to resolve specific complaints.

For complaints about other matters, you can contact:

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

Telephone 1800 931 678
Post GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC 3001

We take your privacy very seriously. As we work together to ascertain your financial requirements, we may need to discuss aspects of your personal circumstances. Please know that any personal information that you reveal to us will be respected and safeguarded. We will only use such information for the purposes of providing advice and assisting you with the purchase of financial products and services, and only ever within the extent permissible by law. Full details of our Privacy Policy can be found on our website at

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Ballast Financial Management Pty Ltd, Australian Financial Services Licence 233 180

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